Reflection and Decompression

What is going well for you?

I have learned a whole lot as a result of this project, including:

  • Designing a website with HTML and CSS from scratch
  • Setting up a webserver
  • Setting up a locally hosted cloud service, wiki and media center
  • SSH tunneling and setting up an FTP server/connection
  • BASH shell
  • The basics of GPIO programming
  • Designing a circuit with a breadboard
  • Python programming
  • With GPIOs (making a memory game)
  • Witk tkinter (making a GUI for a Library checkout system)
  • On top of preparing for my wedding this has kept me really busy... actually too busy!
  • What are areas where you are struggling?

    Again I am having trouble with some kinds of prioritizing. While I feel like I have done an ok job keeping up with the course work, I have clearly been a bit absentminded (like forgetting to submit this post).

    My project has taken front and center when it comes to my academic pursuits and so I feel like I have been a bit distracted with regards to the other class work.

    What supports would assist you?

    Keeping a better calendar to tell keep me on track.

    How are you SRL skills increasing?

    Throughout this course I have been doing a lot of independant investigating. Setting goals for myself and then adjusting them accordingly. As a result I have successfully completed every task I set for myself this summer.

    Monitoring Process

    My latest assignment had me designing a monitoring process for my distal goal. Both my distal and proximal goals have undergone some pretty serious revisions, so there are some discrepancies between the monitoring process and the previous post. It is best to take the monitoring process as the authoritative source on this one.

    My Monitoring Process Piktochart

    Piktochart is an amazing website, I found the user interface both intuitive and easy to use. As well, I thought the final project looked exceptional for the the amount of time invested (as opposed to this website for example...).

    For this course, I am required to engage in a professional inquiry for which I establish both proximal and distal goals. I plan to use this page to keep a record of my current proximal goals, and what I am working on.

    I will also maintain a seperate page that chronicles my ongoing adventures with the Raspberry Pi. A seperate link for that can be found when hovering over the GDPI 800 link on the right hand side. You can expect that to be a photo/video blog of my various experiences. You can expect me to adjust my proximal goals as time passes.

    And so, without further ado:

    Distal Goal:

    My goal is to plan a Grade 11 IT class that incorporates the use of Raspberry Pis.

    Proximal Goals

  • Design a website for scratch for my e-portfolio.
  • Buy a Raspberry Pi
  • Setup a webserver with the raspberry pi and host this webpage by myself, on the internet! (This will probably only happen temporarily, as using the raspberry pi as a dedicated webserver means that I can't use it for anything else!) For now this webpage is being hosted (and will continue to be hosted) on When I create my own webserver I will post the direct ip address for anyone who would like to try and connect
  • Purchase a breadboard, GPIO Adapter, LEDs and etc to start trying out GPIO interaction with the Pi
  • Complete a comprehensive course overview