Slow Going but a New Design October 5th, 2016

As part of the IT class, and part of my own interest, I've started to revamp this website. While it still looks simplistic, and a bit too formal, there is a little bit more flair than there ever was before. It is my hope that with time, patience, and some divine granted inspiration, I might one day be able to come up with a nice, professional design.

New Semester, New Classes September 23rd, 2016

The start of the new school semester is always a busy time, this year doubly so, as I am head teacher at the school this year AND completing a master's course. However, struggle is always followed by growth, and so I look at this situation as an opportunity rather than a challenge. I know that both my studies, as well as my extra professional duties will only expand and further develop my repetoire of skills! Please feel free to peruse the new GDPI 802 section, and see what I have been up to.

Updates August 6th, 2016

Overall the courses have been going really well. My general plan for the IT course has changed somewhat, and I now believe that a heavier focus on programming (with Python) would be more advantageous than a focus on HTML. While I still have an extensive HTML unit planned which has been modelled after the units provided by I believe that students will gain more from an introduction to programming. As well, HTML skills, while important, can easily be acquired. As well, there are an abundance of programs and websites that can facilitate and simplify the process for students.

Welcome to my site! July 16th, 2016

Hi and welcome to this small corner of the internet.

If you're here, I think it's pretty safe to assume that you are also enrolled in (or an instructor of) the Queen's University GDPI/PME. Anyway, you may find yourself wondering...

Why is this site so boring and ugly?

In developing my e-portfolio I thought it would be useful to spruce up some of my tech skills. As a result I have written this site from scratch.I realize that it is boring, and for that I apologize! As it stands now, it is just a bare bones HTML/CSS concoction, in the future, I hope to spruce it up. . . so given time, I will probably fiddle with little things, here and there, to make everything look just a little bit more wonderful.

One of the goals from my Self-Regulated Learning (GDPI/PME 800) class is to set a professional inquiry project.

My goal is to develop a Grade 11 IT class built around the use of a Raspberry Pi. I will be documenting that experience on this website. Please check back frequently if you are interested (Check under GDPI 800).